Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 3, July 2022 
An economic study of the most important variables affecting consumption of poultry white meat in Egypt

Pages 545-555


Amira Ahmed Mohamed Elshater; Mona Mahmoud Mohammed Mekawy; Mohamed Eliwa Abdullah Gamil

Evaluating the efficacy of flavonoids from Capparis spinosa extracts in treatment of Candida vulvovaginitis

Pages 565-570


Majd Dameh; Abeer Ameen Baqer; Muhaned Zaidi; Safa K. Hachim; Noora M. Hameed; Sura A. Awadh; Ali Jalil Obaid; Zainab Hussein Adhab

Evolutionary history and distribution of African wildcat, Felis lybica in Iran

Pages 637-648


Marzieh Mousavi; Saeid Naderi; Hamid Reza Rezaei; Mohammad Ali Adibi

Parasites Taxa in Some Sites of Euphrates River in Al-Najaf Province, Iraq

Pages 659-665


Feryal Ameen Merza; Harth Rajab Haider; Hind Mhammed Mhammed Ali; Ali Hassan Abood