Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2006 
Response of Poaceous Weeds in Wheat to Post-Emergence Herbicides

Pages 9-16

Q. Mahmood; Y. Hayat; G. Jilani; H. Shamsi; K. B. Marwat; S. Khalid

Pretreatment of Cotton Fibres with Alcohols to Optimize Dye Uptake

Pages 39-44

M. K. Yakubu; S. M. Gumel; L. O. Ogbose; A. T. Adekunle

Risk Evaluation of Brick Kiln Smoke to Acacia arabica

Pages 45-52

Q. Mahmood; P. Zheng; M. J. Hassan; M. R. Azim; D. L. Wu; M. Tahavi; M. Hussain