The double infection diagnosis, fungal and insect on date palm offshoot Phoenix dactylifera with treatment pesticides and practical technique

Document Type : Research Paper


College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, IRAQ


This study was carried out several times in the field during September 2019 in Baghdad Governorate and these data are the results of the last observation in the field. Cultivation of palm offshoots of the yellow Barhi variety, the first strain in quality and production were the number offshoots was 75, 25-40 kg weighed, which were divided into three groups, each one was 25 offshoots. The first group was subjected to a comparison treatment (control), while in the second group the offshoots were treated by immersion before planting with a solution containing a systemic fungicide (Biltanol) at a concentration of 1 mL L-1, and then immersed in a solution containing a type of insecticide (Cinfidor) at a concentration of 1 mL L-1 and then planted and controlled after 2 months of planting by the same pesticides and with the same concentration. In the case of third group, it was controlled after 2 months of planting with the same pesticides above, and after a year of planting and services. A success rate was obtained as 60%, 100% and 96% in the first, second and third treatment consecutively. The insect was diagnosed as a red scale parlatotoria Blanchardi, while the fungus was diagnosed in the laboratory by a direct examination and using a light microscope as Fusarium oxysporium. The aim of the study was to reduce the number of dead offshoots after planting in the field.


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