Situation and development conditions of Astrakhan water transport junction



Astrakhan State Technical University, Astrakhan, Russia


 Rapid upsurge of world economy in the twentieth century, integration processes, and many political reasons promoted an intense progress of transport and powerful increase of freight flow. At the same time, transport entirely revealed itself as an important factor of both economy and  geopolitics. Globalization of world economy and practically free capital mobility in the form of direct investment in capital assets gave birth to considerable changes in international differentiation of labor and useful increase of shipping operations. it is also important that integration and rapid  development in the area of information technology had a great effect on transportation logistics  development. Recently the functioning of transport "corridors" has reached a precise accuracy.  Practical advantages force carries either to change the direction of freight traffic activity or to develop business taking into consideration markets location. Such processes are taking place in many  countries including Russia and CIS states. Gradual shortening of load distances has already begun and as predicted will continue in 2000-2015.
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