Problems of the stable development of Astrakhan region, Russia



Astrakhan State Technical University Astrakhan, Russia


In the market economy, one of the most important things to consider is how to balance relations between ecology and economy. in other words, how can we save natural resources for future generation? This is an urgent issue here nowadays, in Astrakhan. Depending upon the scale of mass production, the quantity, and quality index of natural resources reflects economical and ecological relations. The Astrakhan regions share of the gross natural product of the Russian Federation is about 0.4%. 0.7% of the Russian population lives in the Astrakhan region. For the last five years the gross regional product of the Astrakhan region has been increased up to 21.5 billion rubles in 2000. Generally, this is because of the oil industry. Oil companies reaped 3488000 tons of oil and 9785  cubic meters of the national gas last year. The life style in Astrakhan has been changed dramatically because of above-mentioned activities. The level of air pollution has increased greatly. About 79.1% of the all pollution is attributed to a company named "Astrakhangazprom” 
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