A conceptual foundation for an ecological and economic development program for the Republic of Daghestan



Daghestan State University, Makhachkala, Russia


For many years, I have been reflecting on the reasons for the economic, political and moral breakdown of this country, Through experience and convictions, through visits to many countries, through a long acquaintance with science, education, economics, and culture, plus thirty years of exploring the natural resources, ecology and economy of many districts and villages in Dagestan have led me to certain conclusions. 1. it is time for communism to take its place in the museum of political history. Why? Because Marxism, based on materialism, made man the lord of nature, and made the five senses the sole criterion of knowledge. Anything that could notbe seen or touched was rejected as unscientific. But materialism cannot save man from his present crisis of faith or from the laws of nature, and what is more, it cannot isolate him from nature. Never again will the people of Russia waste their natural resources to prove a point.
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