Parasites of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) from southwest of the Caspian Sea

Document Type : Research Paper


Fisheries Department, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Guilan, Sowmehsara, Iran


A survey has been carried out on parasites of 206 pieces of Persian sturgeons (Acipenser persicus ) in three different major locations, fisheries sections I, II and a hatchery near  the Sefid-Rud River (Sad-e Sangar) in _i south - west of Caspian Sea (Guilan-._ province - Iran) .Six different species of 2 from internal ' parasites were isolated organs of the fish . Cucuflanus sphaerocephalus and Skijabinopsoius semiarmatus had the highest prevalence (84.85"/o and 51.23% higher than others (11.31 and 15.25  respectively), but the other parasites had { low prevalence and intensity. The Eustrongylides excisus (L), Anisakis sp. (L) and Amphilina foliacea are reported for the first time from A. persicus.  The prevalence and mean intensity of parasites in fisheries section II and Sad—e Sangar were more than section 1. A direct relation was found between some parasites (especially sphaerocephalus and Skrjabinopsoius semiannatus) and size of the fish. The prevalence and mean intensity of parasites in females were more than males. It was found that there is a correlation between some parasites (especially Cucuiianus sphaerocephaius and Skrjabinopsoius semiarmatus) and season. As a whole, There was a closely correlation between the diet of the fish and the type (diversity) of the parasites.
 Keywords: Fish, Persian, Sturgeon, A. persicus,Parasite, Caspian Sea
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