Comparison of Copper Concentrations in Liver and Muscle of Squalius cephalus and Capoeta capoeta gracilis


1 O. Rafieyan*1, A. A. Darvishsefat2, S. Babaii1, A. Mataji1

2 Gh. R. Banagar1,


The aim of this study was to determine and compare the concentration of copper (Cu) in liver and muscle of two fish species Squalius cephalus and Capoeta capoeta gracilis. The fish were caught in four sampling sites along Tajan River, Mazandaran Province, northern Iran. The concentration of Cu was determined using flame atomic absorption spectrometry. There were significant differences (P<0.05) between the sampling sites with regard to Cu concentration in both muscle and liver of fish species. Significant differences were also found (P<0.05) between S. cephalus and C. c. gracilis regarding Cu content in liver and muscle tissues. The content of Cu in the liver was greater (P<0.05) than that in the muscle in both species. Also, Cu content of liver in both species was higher than the standard limits declared by WHO. This study reports high loads of Cu in Tajan River and a high content of Cu in the muscle and liver of S. cephalus and C. c. gracilis.


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