Land use effects on heavy metal pollution of river sediments in Guilan, southwest of the Caspian Sea


1- Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Institute, Tehran, Iran 2- Department of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences, University of Tehran, Iran * Corresponding author's E-mail:


Studies have showed the River Siahroud is the main contributor to the present pollution of Anzali Wetland in Guilan. Therefore, this study was initiated to evaluate the spatial distribution of metals pollution on the River Siahroud sediments in Guilan.Surfacial river sediment samples along this river were taken during five consecutive seasons at eight sampling stations and analyzed for availability of Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn, Cu, Cr, Cd metals. Canonical correlation demonstrated that the total organic carbon (TOC) was of great importance in co-precipitation of Zn while Cu and Pb were mainly related to hydrous iron oxides. Also, in the interest of pollutant finger printing, factor analysis showed that extractable Zn, Cu, Fe, Cd and Mn were attributed to the present agricultural fields while industrial site of Rasht City was the major contributing factor for the extended levels of Cr in the study area. Moreover, Pb level was mainly relevant to urban landuse in Rasht. Cluster analysis demonstrated that there was a rising metal pollution level in the River Siahroud from upstream to downstream suggesting that Anzali Wetland pollution could be highly related to loading of heavy metals by the River Siahroud sediment.
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