Genetic polymorphism of -Lg gene in Iraqi buffalo using Polymerase Chain Reaction – Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

Document Type : Research Paper


College of Agriculture, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq



This study was conducted on 50 buffaloes from Basrah Governorate, Iraq to study the genetic polymorphisms of the β-lactoglobulin gene in the local buffaloes. The lab examinations were conducted in the Genetic Engineering Laboratory, College of Agriculture, University of Basrah. DNA was extracted by kit (PureLink Genomic DNA kits, Invetrogen, USA).  The results of this technique showed the appearance of the expected gene bundle of 252 base pairs from all Iraqi buffalo samples, as the primer interacted with all DNA isolates taken from the studied buffalo samples. Digestion technique with restriction enzymes (HaeIII) was used to detect the genetic polymorphisms of β-lactoglobulin gene, exhibiting two bands to all studied buffalo samples. Only the homozygous BB genotype has been shown.


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