Optimized decision-making for shrimp fishery in Dayyer Port using the goal programing model

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Agricultural Economic, Marvdasht branch, Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht, Iran

2 Agricultural Economics, Fars Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Training Center, Fars, Iran


Nowadays, considering the crises in the fisheries industry and especially shrimp fishery, the need to make decisions taking into account the stakeholder (STKH) groups is of great importance. Given designing a goal model with a multi-criteria decision-making approach, in addition to considering the varied and conflicting goals of the shrimp fishery groups in the Dayyer Port, the present study provides the best possible balance by providing some measures in the number of fishing days and number of fishing vessels in the two short- and long-term scenarios. The first finding indicates that maintaining the current activity level of fishery industry is a top priority for all STKH groups. Moreover, in the short-term scenario, despite the decrease in the volume of profit gained from hiring and employing process approximately by 4%, employee safety will increase by approximately 1% and bycatch will decrease by 14%. In the second scenario, although the gained profit from the catch will reduce safety, employment and maintenance of the fisheries current activity levels by 6%, 9%, 7% and 16%, respectively, the bycatch will be significantly reduced by 32%, thereby creating a good balance among the STKH groups.


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