Methane in Kano-Nigeria atmosphere


Department of Chemistry, Bayero University, P.M.B 3011, Kano-Nigeria.


Methane concentrations in Kano municipality have been attributed to the burning of solid and fossil fuels and industrial processes. Using an automatic gas sampling system, methane in the Kano atmosphere was determined. Its distribution in the municipality was skewed towards high frequency of low concentration with a mean and standard deviation of 0.61? 0.39 ?g/m3. Similarly the distribution in Sabon gari, Bata, Nassarawa and Hotoro were 0.41? 0.28; 0.58 ? 0.29; 0.46 ? 0.31 and 0.71 ? 0.49 ?g/m3 respectively while BUK, City Brigade, Kurna-Asabe and other residential areas were (0.54 ? 0.45, 0.74 ? 0.46; 0.61 ? 0.34; 0.78 ? 0.40?g/m3) respectively. The industrial areas did not show significant variations from each other as in the residential areas.