A comparative study on artificial germination of two microsporidia under the neutralization method


Silkworm pathology laboratory, Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute (C.S.R and T. I) Mysore, India.


Lamerin microspridia (Lbms) isolated from Lamerin breed of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, L. and the standard strain Nosema bombycis, were induced to germinate artificially by two-step procedure. Fresh percoll purified spores were activated by incubating them in potassium hydroxide solution (KOH) (pH 11.00) and germinated artificially by using phosphate buffer saline (PBS), (pH 7.00). Germinated spores appeared black under phase contrast microscope. Germination percentage amoung the microsporidia spores varied in different concentrations of KOH. The Lbms was found poor germinator as compared to Nosema bombycis in all the concentrations of the chemicals. The length of the extruded polar filament was also varied between the two microsporidia.