Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Phosphorus Supplement on Leaf P, Zn, Cu and Fe Concentrations of Tea Seedlings


1 Guilan Research Center of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Rasht

2 Dep. of Soil Sci., Guilan University, Rasht

3 Tea Research Center, Lahidjan


Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) (Glomus etunicatum, G. intraradices and Glomus versiforme) and external phosphorus supplement (8 and 35 mg P Kg-1 soil) on leaf P, Zn, Cu and Fe nutrition of 4-month-old tea(Camellia sinensis) was studied in an glass house pot experiment. The highest leaf P concentration
(up to 59.43% increase) was found in G. versiforme inoculated seedlings grown in the zero mg P Kg-1 soil, compared to the control seedlings. Higher level of Zn, Cu, and Fe concentrations were found in plants inoculated with G. intraradices as compared to other treatments. Our results showed that inoculation with G. intraradices had greater effect on uptaking of P, Zn, Cu, and Fe by tea seedlings than inoculation with either G. etunicatum or G. versiforme.