Growing Arum korolkowii Regel in laboratory conditions

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan University, Tauke-Khan, Shymkent, 160000, Kazakhstan

2 NJSC South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University named after Ozbekali Zhanibekov, Kazakhstan, Shymkent City, 160012

3 Kazakh National Women's Teacher-Training University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

4 South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Shymkent, 160000, Kazakhstan

5 Institute of Genetics and Plants Experimental Biology, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Region, Kibray District, Yuqori-Yuz, 111226 Uzbekistan



Arum korolkowii Regel is a red book plant growing on the territory of the South Kazakhstan region. It is a medicinal plant. The article describes the methods of growing A. korolkowii both by the traditional and modern methods such as hydroponics. Vegetative stages of A. korolkowii, the first leaves appear 15-20 cm long in early April. After the inflorescence of the cob appears, light yellow in colour, with a leaf covering at this stage, already large leaves wither. Afterward, only the cob remains on which green berries appear, and in mid-June these berries acquire a bright red hue. Hydroponics is a hydroponic culture of different types of herbs using a certain multicomponent substrate. Hydroponic cultivation can be performed by various techniques, such as deep-sea culture, passive (wick) system, hydrogorshock (periodic flooding system) and aeroponic. In our work, we used a system of deep-sea cultures. In parallel, experiments were conducted on the traditional method of growing plants, and a comparative analysis of all indicators was conducted. The difference between the hydroponic method of cultivation and the traditional one is that the plant needs trace elements, the harvest is high-quality and abundant, and also eliminates the appearance of diseases and pests, thereby excluding the use of pesticides. The product turns out to be environmentally friendly, nutritious and affordable at any time of the year.


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