Flora of the gorges Merke, Sandyk, Shaisandyk in the western part of Kyrgyz Alatau, a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Document Type : Research Paper


1 NJSC Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Almaty City, Kazybek bi 30, 050040, Kazakhstan

2 M. H. Dulati Taraz Regional University, Suleimanova Avenue 7, 080000, Taraz, Kazakhstan



 The relevance of the article lies in monitoring the state of the natural mountain vegetation of the gorges of Merke, Sandyk, Shaisandyk and Araltobe as a natural zoning of the main changes in vegetation cover, in compiling classification schemes for the analysis of vegetation cover. In mountainous areas, local, isolated, floral complexes are formed, which are represented by alpine and subalpine meadows. The study of the composition and structure of the vegetation cover of individual regions is of great importance for establishing floral connections between different botanical and geographical regions. An episodic study of the flora and vegetation of the Merken district has been conducted by scientists in the last few years. There was a deterioration of vegetation in the western part of the Kyrgyz Alatau. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to study various groups of plants in this region, which will allow knowing the general development of flora, to outline the main stages of its formation. The main stages of the study were based on field expeditionary research, using route-reconnaissance and semi-stationary methods, data from scientific literature, herbarium material of their own collection and other colleagues. To analyse correlations in vegetation dynamics between the regions of the gorges of Merke, Sandyk, Shaisandyk and Araltobe, methods of mathematical statistics on the coefficient of floristic generality and graphical representation of materials were used. Since for many years there have been problems with studying the state of the floral composition of the gorges Merke, Sandyk and Shaisandyk, Araltobe, the results of the research aimed at taking inventory of the floral diversity of the zapodnaya part of the Kyrgyz ridge. During the analysis of plants of the studied area, 835 species belonging to 78 families and 336 families were identified.


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