Preparation of new mefenamic acid compounds and evaluation the biological activities of their derivatives

Document Type : Research Paper


College of Pharmacy, University of Babylon, Iraq



Ponstane Fort, a famous pharmaceutical drug has many medicinal uses. Recently, it has been used in different chemical reactions in order to improve its biological effectiveness. Three chemical compounds have been prepared as derivatives of Mefenamic acid by certain steps included adding thiosemicarbazide to Mefenamic acid with a catalyst of H2SO4 to obtain a Mefenamic derivative C1; mixing a certain amount of C1 with 4-carboxybenzaldehyde to obtain compound C2; dissolving C2 at various reagents by diazotization reaction to yield Mefenamic derivative C3. All formatted compounds had been monitored through FTIR-Spectra, 1H.NMR-Spectra, Mass-Spectra and melting point. This method has high target product productivity, simple process procedures, mild reaction conditions, simple purifying process, high product purity and suitability for industrialized production. So that the production cost is further reduced. By using the agar well diffusion method, all prepared three compounds showed good antibacterial activity against studied Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, however, C3 showed the highest activity. A skin test for Delayed Hypersensitivity was done to know if there are allergic reactions for the created compounds, while the test for Killing Mice has been done for testing mortality rate in animals. The compounds have a high cellular immune response through in experimental animals.


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