Analysis of hydrochemical parameters of surface water sources used for watering pastures to improve the water quality

Document Type : Research Paper


Zhangir Khan Agrarian Technical University, Uralsk, Republic of Kazakhstan



In pasture animal husbandry, the most accessible types of watering are surface water sources, which is limited by the degree of mineralization of water in them permissible for the livestock. The purpose of the study is to analyze the hydrochemical indicators of water sources used for watering pastures in the West Kazakhstan region to improve water quality. This region is distinguished by a wide variety of natural landscapes. Its considerable extension from north to south has led to a consistent change in the natural and geographical zones with varying degrees of availability to the surface water resources. The greatest density of these sources is observed in the steppe and dry steppe zones of the region. There are about 54 rivers of various lengths in the region, which can be used as water sources. Hydrochemical analysis of water was carried out by chemical and physicochemical methods. The absolute majority of surface water sources had weak mineralization, and the chemical composition of the water was dominated by magnesium/sodium chloride, magnesium/calcium sulfate/chloride, magnesium/calcium/sodium sulfate/chloride, and calcium/sodium chloride/sulfate types of salt composition. The conducted studies show the importance of surface water sources in the irrigation of pasture lands in the West Kazakhstan region. The presence of a small number of surface water sources on a regional scale requires careful and rational use of available water resources, as well as the development of special measures to improve water quality.


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