A law-abiding behaviour of the indigenous peoples in realizing environmental law enforcement in South Sulawesi, Indonesia


Law Faculty, Sawerigading University Makassar, Indonesia



There are many laws and regulations governing the environment in Indonesia from the central level to the regional level, especially for the areas whose territory consists of land, sea, and vast forests inhabited by certain tribes and can be classified as indigenous peoples. South Sulawesi is one of the regions in Indonesia that has many indigenous peoples. The existence of indigenous peoples in South Sulawesi is very important because they have an important role in the environment, including protecting the environment from pollution and environmental damage, as well as assisting law enforcement officers in reporting not only perpetrators of environmental destruction but also reporting any environmental damage that occurs in their area. This study aimed to determine the law-abiding behavior of the indigenous peoples in realizing environmental law enforcement in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The method used in this study was empirical juridical research using several laws, regulations and local customary law as well as visiting and conducting direct interviews to the community to collect the data from these indigenous coastal communities. The results of the study showed that the indigenous peoples in South Sulawesi are known to be very obedient to customs. The customs are applied from generation to generation in protecting their forest and marine environment, so that they are not threatened with extinction. For the indigenous peoples of South Sulawesi, forests and the sea are their homes that provide their various needs. Their survival depends on the sustainability of forests and seas in South Sulawesi. The law-abiding behavior of the indigenous peoples in realizing environmental law enforcement in South Sulawesi is based on moral which are known as Sipakatau, Sipakalebbi, and Sipakainge.


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