Agricultural insurance: Vegetable production efficiency increase

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Russian State Agrarian University, Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia

2 Rosgosstrakh Insurance Company, Moscow, Russia


Fresh and processed vegetables are included in our diet every day. Due to vegetables the human body receives the bulk of the vitamins and minerals necessary for life. Considering the special role of the vegetable growing industry in population provision with the necessary fortified products, topical issues of the industry efficiency and investment attractiveness increase are of strategic importance for the country food security and for import substitution problem solution for fresh vegetable products. The development of domestic vegetable growing is under close scrutiny of state authorities at both the federal and regional levels. Significant development funds are allocated annually by the budgets of various levels. The current support measures include compensation for the part of the interest rate on loans (soft loans), reimbursement of capital construction costs, agricultural-technological work, soil fertility increase, etc. Thanks to these support measures, vegetable growing in Russia has become highly effective and it contributes to import substitution. At the same time, the allocated funds and agricultural production must be financially protected from uncontrolled natural anomalies. Agricultural insurance is a reliable way to protect the property interests of an agricultural producer from the impact of natural disasters. The study examined the Russian and foreign experience of agricultural insurance. Much attention is paid to the application of the statistical research method. Taking into account the problematics of the research topic and its poor study, this work makes a great contribution to the scientific literature. The need for agricultural insurance is referred to the main result of the study, and is recommended in planning the activities of agricultural production.


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