Estimation and counter- validation of LISS-III derived leaf area index in Deltaic vegetation

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Civil Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, ICARE Complex, HIT Campus, Haldia-721657, Midnapore(E), West Bengal, India


Leaf area index (LAI), a dimensionless biophysical variable is considered as one of the most important factors in characterizing canopy structure. It estimates the amount of foliage area per unit of ground area and helps indirectly to assess biomass and energy balance in an ecosystem. Remote sensing techniques established a strong correlation between the vegetation reflectance characteristics in red and near infra-red bands and LAI. Good number of image derived vegetation indices has been applied so far to estimate LAI successfully. In this paper correlation is established between field-collected LAI and three soil adjusted vegetation indices, i.e., SAVI, MSAVI and OSAVI derived from IRS-LISS-III data in deltaic ecosystem in Sagar Island of West Bengal, India. LAI was estimated from OSAVI for the whole island as OSAVI yielded best result (R2= 0.92). Coarse resolution MODIS LAI (MOD 15A3) product was counter-validated with respect to the LISS-III derived LAI image following the upscale validation approach. Out of the six best-fit models applied, the logistic regression showed strong positive correspondence between the two products (R2 = 0.71). Uncertainty of the model was also assessed and probable reasons were identified.


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