Distribution and abundance of high aquatic plants in the Gorganroud River, the Caspian Sea basin, Iran


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2 1* , S. A. Hosseini2 , S. A. Hosseini3


The distribution and abundance of high aquatic plants in the Gorganroud River was examined at five stations in four seasons (20 samples) over one year period during 2009-2010. We identified 21 species of aquatic plants from 21 genera, belonging to 9 families. These species were determined as 3 halophytic species (14.2%) and 18 high aquatic plants (85.7%).The highest species diversity was observed at Khajenafas, Aq qala and Chargoli stations(17, 13 and 11 species) respectively, The highest biomass of high aquatic plants were recorded in summer (for Inspection and Chargoli stations 11.5 and 10.1 g/m2, respectively) and autumn (for the station of Inspection was 8.5 g/m2 dry weight). The most dominant species were different in the investigated stations. At station 1 species Tamarix kotschyi, at station 2 species Juncus acutiflorus, at station 3 species Hordeum murinum hudson, at station 4 species Salicornia europaea L and at station 5 Juncus acutiflorus species were dominated.