Effect of Copper sulphate on behavioral and histopathological changes in roach, Rutilus rutilus caspicus


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2 *, H. Gholipour Kanani1, A. Aliakbariyan2 and M. Kashani3


The research was accomplished in order to study behavioral and histopathological effects of Copper on Rutilus rutilus caspicus under experimental condition. The study was performed using Water Static Method during 96 hours. 15 fish with averaged weight 2?0.5 g in weight were encountered to different concentrations (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 mg/l) of Copper. A group of fish was considered as control. Under stable condition and aeration, the lethal concentration was 0.4 mg/l. Results indicated that there was significant differences between treatments when copper concentration increased (p<0.05). it was found that in the high concentration of Copper nominal signs of toxicity such as convulsion, air gulping and flared operculum were observed. Histopathological sings were hyperplasia, edema, hyperemia, hemorrhage, expansion of Bowman?s capsule and hepatocytes necrosis. In control group no lesion was observed.