Performance of poplar (populus deltoides bartr.) and its effect on wheat yield under agroforestry system in irrigated agro-ecosystem, India


Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources, PAU Ludhiana - 141 004 India


The quantitative performance of wheat crop under 1-5 year old poplar plantations in irrigated agro-ecosystem was studied to ascertain the biological yield of tree and crop. Results revealed that growth and yield of wheat decreased significantly with the increase in poplar age. The per cent reduction in net grain yield was 17% under one year old poplar plantation, which increased to 52.15% under five year old plantation. The values of micro-meteorological parameters (light intensity and air temperature) were also low under plantations than in open condition and decreased with increase in plantation age. The current and mean annual increments in biomass and carbon storage curves exhibited a sharp increase of up to three years which thereafter increased with decreasing order. The carbon storage in the poplar biomass was estimated to be 34.075t/ha at the age of five years, which can be fixed as the maximum volume production rotation of this species under the prevailing conditions.


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