Application of synthetic polymers as adsorbents for the removal of cadmium from aqueous solutions: Batch experimental studies


Kimya Probleml?ri ?nstitutu, Az?rbayjan Milli EA-mn, Azerbaijan Republic. Corresponding author?s E-mail:


In the present study seven synthetic polymers were used as adsorbents for the removal of Cd(II) from aqueous solution. The equilibrium studies were systematically carried out in a batch process, covering various process parameters that include agitation time, adsorbent dosage, and pH of the aqueous solution. The analyzing system was an atomic absorption spectrometer (Perkin-Analyst 100). It was observed in adsorption and desorption tests that synthetic polymers showed significant pH dependence, which affected the removal efficiency, robustly. Adsorption behavior was found to follow Freundlich and Longmuir isotherms. A regeneration study was also carried out.


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