Karyology study on Bleak (Alburnus alburnus) from the South Caspian Sea region


1 M. Khoshkholgh1*, M. Pourkazemi2, S. Nazari1, L. Azizzadeh Pormehr2

2 1, , M.R. Nowruz Fashkhami2

3 A. Khosravanizadeh 1, M. Pourkazemi2, M.R. Nowruz Fashkhami2


The chromosomal spread and karyotype of Bleak (Alburnus alburnus) from Anzali lagoon were identified using tissue squashing techniques with injection of 0.5ml/100g body weight of 0.01% Colchicines solution in fish fingerlings. Kidney and gill tissues were then extracted and chopped in KCl 0.045M for 20 min and fixed in Carnoy solution in 3 stages. The chromosomal spreads were stained in 20% Gimsa for 30 min. From 347 chromosomal spread counts, the results showed diploid chromosome number of this species 2n=50. Karyotype composed of 7 metacentric, 13 submetacentric and 5 acrocentric or subtelocentric choromosome pairs, and the number of chromosome arms (NF) was determined as NF=90.