Comparison of chemical characteristics of shoot, root and litter in three range species of Salsola rigida, Artemisia sieberi and Stipa barbata


1 B. Amiri 1*, M. H. Assareh 2, M. Jafari 3, B. Rasuoli 4, H. Arzani 3, A. A. Jafari 2 1- Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran, Iran 2- Forest and Rangelands Research Institute of Tehran, Iran 3- Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Iran 4- Islamic Azad University, Rasht Branch, Iran * Corresponding author?s E-mail:

2 . 1, A. Tavili1, M. A. Zare Chahouki1, A. Malekian3,N. Asadi Pasoojani1

3 1, 1, M. A. Zare Chahouki1, A. Malekian3,N. Asadi Pasoojani1

4 , A. Malekian3,N. Asadi Pasoojani1

5 ,N. Asadi Pasoojani1

6 A. Kohandel2*,


Some chemical characteristics of root, shoot and litter of index species such as Salsola rigida, Artemisia sieberi and Stipa barbata commonly used in rangeland development projects were evaluated and compared. Chemical properties of soil under and between the above mentioned species were also studied. For this purpose, vegetation types of Stipa barbata and Artemisia sieberi - Salsola rigida were selected in Zarand-e-Saveh rangelands. Totally, 30 individuals of each species within each type were randomly selected for shoot, root and litter sampling and chemical analyses. Also, values of N, P, K, C and C/N ratio were measured in different parts of the species. Results showed that the highest and lowest C/N ratios were related to Stipa barbata root and Artemisia sieberi shoots, respectively. N and P values of Stipa barbata litter were the lowest while Artemisia sieberi and Salsola rigida shoots had the highest values of P and N, respectively. Litter of Salsola rigida and shoot of Artemisia sieberi had the lowest and highest K, respectively. C/N ratio of A. sieberi soil was lower than rest of the species.