Geopolitics and Environmental Issues in the Caspian Sea


Y. Zeinolabedin*, M.S. Yahyapour and Z. Shirzad Dept. of Political Geography, Islamic Azad University, Rasht Branch, Iran * Corresponding author?s E-mail:


Nowadays, a noticeable part of the relations among the states turn around the environment protection. Therefore, the right for ever-creasing use of the existing resources of this inland sea cannot be exclusive to any Caspian State and the aftermath involves all countries of this basin. In this respect, agreement on political border and boundaries with the Caspian Sea?s ecosystem is a difficult issue. The unstable resources of fish reserves, underground oil pools, migratory animals and instability of resources that so often seem to be harmful, particularly for their potential power of passing through borders, are the subject of geopolitical disputes among the states of this basin. According to the above-mentioned points, the basic question in the present article is: ?What is the role of the environmental issues in geopolitical relations of the Caspian States?? Therefore, it is supposed that a consideration of environmental issues in exploiting different resources of the Caspian Sea can set up peace among the Caspian countries.