Some Considerations on Climatic Geomorphology of the Romanian Territory


, and M Ielenicz Dept. of Geomorphology-Pedology, Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, N.Balcescu Avenue, n.1, Bucharest, Romania * Corresponding author?s E-mail:


The main issues about relation between climate and relief in the Romanian geomorphological literature follow three directions of research: the description of Pleistocene glacial and Pleistocene-Holocene periglacial landforms in the Carpathians; the direct analysis of climate?s role in landform development; the integration of separate works and findings in a synthetic morphodynamic system applicable to all of the country? territory. The analysis of the present-day geomorphic landscape reveals two important generations of morphoclimatic landforms (old climatic landforms and the recent climatic relief-forms). In Romania we can identify three distinct morphoclimatic regions: the central-western region, the eastern and south-eastern region and the south-western region.