Effect of different poultry wastes on physical, chemical and biological properties of soil


and Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering Department, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B. 65, Minna, Nigeria. * Corresponding author?s E-mail: topealabadan@yahoo.co.uk


The effect of poultry waste application on physicochemical and biological properties of sandy clay loam soil was investigated on a 7m X 7m plot of land. Plot was divided into four portions and 7.5kg each of broiler, cockerel and layers waste was applied to plot A, B, and C in slurry form while plot D was used as control(no application) for eight weeks with two weeks interval. After the fourth application, samples were taken from the plot for laboratory analysis. The results showed that all the wastes have effect on the soil properties with the cockerel waste having the highest effect on the electrical conductivity of the soil. It was between 121.0 and126.1mS. Cockerel waste has the highest BOD5, porosity and organic matter content of the soil which were 52.00mg/l,0.67 and 27.50mg/l, respectively. What can be deduced from this is that while application of poultry wastes improves soil properties, it also increases soil salinity and cockerel waste is recommended because it has ability to increase the porosity and organic matter content of soil