Review of the morphology, ecology, and distribution of geckos of the genus Cyrtopodion, with a note on generic placement of Cyrtopodion brachykolon Krysko et. al., 2007


Herpetological Laboratory, Rabwah, 35460, Pakistan


The genus Cyrtopodion is the most widely distributed of the four gekkonid genera of the angular-toed geckos that inhabit Pakistan and the contiguous Palearctic Region (Szczerbak & Golubev 1996), from the Indus Valley to the eastern borders of the Caspian Sea. Longitudinal rows of trihedral tubercles characteristically line the dorsum of these angular-toed geckos. They primarily inhabit arid badland strips with sparse vegetation, and secondarily extend into rocks and man-made structures.
The generic affinities of recently described; sub-Himalayan gecko Cyrtopodion brachykolon Krysko, 2007 from northern Pakistan, are commented upon.